Community Groups

The Church isn’t an event, it’s a group of people living in life-on-life relationships together. Our hope is that The Grove would be a community of friends engaged in gospel-centered relationships. That means that the weekday is just as important as the weekend. We want to be a church that lives in authentic relationships together as we learn more about what it means to pursue a relationship with Jesus. This is not just something we do, it is fundamental to our identity in Christ. We were made for authentic community. 

We Believe

Discipleship happens in relationships.


The week is as important as the weekend.


We are a church of Community Groups, not a church with Community Groups.

Stay where you are. Serve where you live. Be the church in your community.

What Is A Community Group?

Community Groups mobilize the people of The Grove to carry out the mission God has given the church to make disciples. We use our Mission Statement to explain the expectations for our Community Groups: 


Community Groups reach people with the good news of the gospel. 


Community Groups grow together as disciples of Jesus who make other disciples of Jesus.


Community Groups multiply disciples individually and collectively.

Community Groups FAQ

How often do Community Groups meet?

Community Groups meet weekly or bi-weekly.

Who will lead these groups?

There is a role for men and women in leadership roles at The Grove. We have a high standard for those who will be leading groups. In addition to the leader, there can be an organizer for communication, logistics, sitters, and social activities. Another pillar of each group is the host family. They will be responsible for creating a clean, safe, and warm environment for groups.

How long will groups be?

Groups will be around 1.5-2 hours depending on the activity or the needs of the group.

How big will each group be?

Each group will be different. An ideal group is 12-16 adults plus kids.

What will group dynamics look like?

Groups will have a large range of demographics. Some groups will be arranged by geography, and some will be arranged by age and stage. Our hope is that some groups will also be multi-generational, multi-racial, as well as socio-economically diverse.

What content will groups use for discussion?

Community Groups will often follow a sermon-guided discussion model. The idea of groups is to expound on the previous week’s sermon and Scripture, as well as delving into personal application. At other times, groups may choose a book of the bible to study together.

How will groups change and multiply?

We will ask all groups to always be willing to let new people into their groups. We believe that a true sending culture always refocuses back on the mission. We also realize that deep community is necessary, so this process will be case by case and will not be forced. Church leaders will constantly be assessing the needs and desires of the group.

How do I become a Community Group Leader?

If you have an interest in becoming a Community Group Leader at The Grove, we’d love to hear from you! You can contact Brandon Hudson at